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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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Actually, just to clarify, despite my repeated suggestion that maybe you were interested in something else than what I was discussing (in response to a question from someone other than you in the first place), you said:
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You are creating a problem that doesn't exist.
As if I'm responsible for the complexities involved, or was even intending to address the issues you had in mind in the first place!
I'm not sure I follow you. You seemed confused as to what I wanted when I suggested going with tickets sold, so I corrected you. For some reason you insisted, so I counter-insisted. I don't care at all for how empty a single theatre want, since what I'd like to know is how many times the movie was seen in its theatrical run.
Clearly you don't follow. So there's a record of clarity, I'll recap, but this is getting tiresome.

In post #2346, you commented on what I said in post #2345, by saying, "Yeah but nation- or worldwide would average that out."

What you said there in post #2346 was not only conjectural and false (for the reason I stated in post #2365), but also, it warranted my saying so, because what I said in post #2345 was, in context, in response to a very particular question from another poster, whose question I even quoted in post #2345, that was asked in post #2340.

Post #2345 wasn't about what you were talking about at all. The question in post #2340 was whether tickets sold is "the best" measure of popularity. You already indicated you knew it wasn't perfect in post #2337, where you also made it clear what you wanted to know. I don't know how it could have been any clearer.

Everything so far between you and me after that point has been in this context. Just go back and reconsider post #2345. I really don't think I'm "confused as to what [you] wanted" as you say, since I wasn't even addressing you to begin with in post #2345!

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