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Re: Ex Machina and Religion

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I agree with the above points, but what I liked best about the book was its basic concept--tying together threads from "For The World Is Hollow..." and TMP, in addition to the 'Kirk gets into a fist fight with (a) god' and 'Kirk talks a computer to death' tropes. It was an engaging look into some of the repercussions of Kirk's actions during TOS and recurring themes in Star Trek.
Yeah, it's kind of interesting for Chistopher to put Captain Kirk through a mid-life crisis where he re-examines everything we associate with him being Captain Kirk-like. After TMP seems like the perfect time for this since a large part of the movie was dealing with JTK's stupid decisions.

Ex Machina
is him handling things slowly, methodically, and with a minimum of punching giant lizards in the face. It's really an excellent "bridge" novel between TOS and TNG.

Character-wise, I *REALLY* liked the character of Reiko Onami and how utterly out of place she was in the TOS-era crew. I hope Christopher somehow finds a way to insert her into his future books.

Finally, I like how the book discusses, in a somewhat off-hand manner, the nature of the Singularity. The Singularity, much like the Tao, cannot be described because both are entities which are indescribable by their very nature. The Singularity is when we reach a point technologically or socially we cease to be able to be understood by normal humans. Christopher tackles the Singularity-like event of TMP and questions what this would mean for individuals seeking religious answers in the cosmos. In short, if you're looking for a god, what happens when a being is created who might as well be one?

That's a REALLY cool question.
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