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Re: Was there a TMP Enterprise outrage ?

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I really like the re-fit back in 79 and love it to this day. I also liked the new interiors. I always felt that on a starship where space would be limited they wouldn't make these giant coridors like they had on TOS. The interiors on the refit in TMP seemed more practical.
Hmm. The TMP corridors were shiny. I wonder what happens if they kept the 60s-style TOS uniforms for TMP instead of the drab 70s-style pajamas they went with?

If you put the crew in TOS uniforms in the shiny TMP interiors and add some lens flares, boom, you have a late-70's JJ Abrams nuTrek look.
I don't like the uniforms they used for the movie and I do wish they had used something that looked more like the uniforms from the series.
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