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Re: Size of starfleet?

But there is a reference to a " Vulcan defense vessels."

And there is the matter of Betazed's own defenses, which are referred to as being basically "shitty." Now if Federation Members have no individual forces, and all are protected by a single defensive organization, why are Betazed's defenses different that those of others?
Why wouldn't they be? Starfleet operates a great variety of starships, too - some ancient, some modern, some weak, some strong. The vessels assigned to defend Vulcan need not be identical to the vessels assigned to defend Earth or Starbase 222. The fortresses, even less, as they probably cost even more to keep up to date.

But in a resent series of novels when Andor decided to leave the Federation and join a different organization, didn't the Andorians retain their portion of the fleet? They took their toys and when home.
That's novels for ya. But if it's a case of Andorians reneging on their agreement to be part of Starfleet, they can do whatever they want, confiscating Earth-built and Bolian-manned ships into their new fleet just because these happened to be in Andorian space at the H hour. Either this succeeds or it fails. If the former, getting the ships back is not a legal problem, but a tactical one...

I remember being mentioned in a DS9 episode about a planet charted by a vulcan ship.
In DS9 "Vortex", a Vulcan ship received from Odo a fugitive who would otherwise have stood trial either at Bajor or at the Federation. This vessel may or may not have been a Vulcan government unit, but the clear implication was that a random survey ship like that could be trusted to defy the UFP in matters of prosecution.

The existence of such ships does not count as evidence for there existing a Vulcan armed starship force independent of Starfleet, though. The "we never saw an independent armed defense starship within the UFP" claim still stands.

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