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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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The debate is whether STiD should be in a sexist setting. TOS was sexist and Enterprise stuck with the official gender divide for the sake of canon, although it was abandoned by TMP.
My perspective is a little different on this. I regarded TOS, TNG and ENT as sexist and the TOS/TNG movies to some extent carried this on if you want to look at it from a strict feminist perspective. Not more sexist than the equivalent series/movies made at the same time though.

Even if you include VOY and DS9 I can only think of one human woman who ever took over the command position (even temporarily) on the series' ship/space station - Janeway.
Except maybe Shelby did in TNG and I'm not counting Troi's and Crusher's one off play at command.

Even in DS9, the human women were wives and mothers
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