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Re: the 27 drug and antidote episodes

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You discussed nothing. It's simply a list.

And so why are you wasting our time here? I don't see that you have added anything constructive.

Just because this thread was started with a post in list format does not mean that it is useless. It does not mean that the data it contains is not or won't be used in another discussion, either on or off the Trek BBS.

The list is useful because it contains Star Trek information that is not easily nor quickly found. I can see where each fact could start multiple threads. Would YOU make the effort to compile such a list? fact, I think there should be a permanent Forum or Sub-Forum - dedicated to esoteric Trek info. It would be an excellent resources for those of us that want access to info that is not contained in the more conventional Wikis, Memory Alpha or other Trek depositories.

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