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Re: Normal life on Earth

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We now know they drive cars rather than beaming anywhere. They don't even take public transportation which is disappointing. The sick kid's parents live in a normal looking home with a real alarm clock. I couldn't tell amongst all the destruction if there were shops or anything.

I'd like to know if anyone noticed anything else. It came off to me like any other future Earth from Back to the Future 2 or Demolition Man or I, Robot. Nothing particularly trekian. Where was the public sex? That's what Gene would've wanted.
People are irate about a two-second underwear scene. I can't imagine how they would react to rampant public sex everywhere.

Transporters are probably too power intensive to completely supplant normal modes of transportation. There are probably civilian transporter hubs located around the city, and of course Starfleet would have greater access to transporters (as seen in DS9 when Sisko would beam from San Francisco to New Orleans to see his dad and Jake each night), but for getting around town, cars are probably much more efficient. In TNG - All Good Things... there was a hovercar that zoomed past Data's building at Cambridge even though later on in Voyager we saw that there are civilian transporter hubs, so the two modes of transport are not mutually exclusive.

There was a weird sort of road train thing on the street in San Francisco. It was a bunch of connected pods pulled by the first car. I don't know if that was public transportation or if it was a cargo carrier, though. There was also one of San Francisco's present day cable cars shown still in operation.

Plus, there were those dirigible-like craft shown flying above London, and there were flying vehicles everywhere in San Francisco, some of which were probably public transportation.

None of the homes or the more elaborate crew quarters like those aboard the Enterprise-D have been exceedingly futuristic looking with their design and decor, with the exception of amenities like the replicator and sonic shower.

As far as the alarm clock goes, we're just used to seeing people aboard starships where the ship's computer would wake you up. If you don't have that in your home, there's no reason to think alarm clocks would necessarily be obsolete.
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