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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

Life: Yes life does suck, though I would enjoy it sucking a lot more if back home wasn't a part of it. Give Scott a kid with James that he loses somehow, give Young someone to punch on the ship because of TJ. I like the claustrophobic trapped part of this series and all this going home just takes you right out of that.

Actually felt sympathy for Wray, maybe I'm warming to her? She really loves her girlfriend.

The beginning of more and more adorable Volker..

And of course this episode needs the commentary, YOUNG IS AN IDIOT. And an asshole. Oh dear, I've had an affair but Telford is drinking and laughing with my wife so I will bash his head in. There is one thing though, did Telford tell Young's wife that Young was still sleeping with TJ? Because it sure seemed like it. Or did she now know before this, was all that being mad about his job? Anyway he's a dick no matter how provoked.

What's Rush's real agenda in making a fake planet story? Because it sure isn't morale, unless morale is going to work in his favor somehow.

Oh and I had a good laugh at Park telling TJ that she relieves stress by "reading" when we know she relieves it by Greer

WAIT A MINUTE! I totally missed this!

In the beginning Park is in bed with creepy mustache guy who she later gives the cold shoulder to when he grins and says hi in the mess.

And in the end she's with Greer.. so it seems this is why Park is a lot more chilled out that everyone else!

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