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Re: creepy encounters with cashiers

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Some may think me obnoxious. I can deal with that.

A cashier's job is to be pleasant and move the customers through as quickly as possible. A server's job is to be pleasant and serve the customers as quickly as possible. Extraneous conversation slows down the process.

To members in the service industries: Be polite and don't be overly familiar. Your employer and your customers will thank you for it.
And of course the opposite is also true isn't it.

To customers, please respect our staff and treat them with respect, be poliete to them. If something does go wrong speak to them in a poleite manner and they will endeavour to try and rectify your complaint. Screaming and shouting at them will not help resolve your complaint any faster.

Just as we sometimes witness poor examples of customer service, we can also witness customers treating members of staff poorly.
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