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Re: Would Worf get into Sto Vo Kor?

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I guess some of guys forgot the part in ds9 when they said Dax wasn't going to sto vo kor because she didn't die in a glorious battle. So they had to win a battle in her name. O'brien also pointed out she wasn't going to sto vo kor because she didn't eat the heart of one of her enemies. It wasn't just something specific to Kor. These are apparently requirements. Canon, stated in multiple episodes of ds9.
The problem with the strict definition of Sto Vo Kor is that it doesn't work for a spacefaring race.

The captain of that 430-crew D7 must DIE in glorious battle to get there, so he has to take a valuable ship and another 429 Klingons with him.

There is no greater honour but victory, well apart from me dying so I can get into Sto Vo Kor. I guess Worf and Kurn weren't going there either, or does ritual suicide count as "dying in glorious battle?"

Lets face it, a lot of Klingon mysticism is contradictory.

As I said, if the ONLY way to get there is die in glorious battle, then the Klingons would have no medical staff, politicians, ambassadors, scientists, manufacturers, absolutely nothing apart from warriors. They could not sign any peace treaty, as they would need to be in constant warfare to get into Sto Vo Kor.

Norse society worked with the concept of Valhalla but they had slaves and serfs to tend the crops and the fields. Their women also helped to run things, but in Klingon society women are just as determined to get into Sto Vo Kor as the men, and there is no on-screen evidence of a huge slave population.

The other problem with the Norse philosophy is that if they had to die in glorious combat, why did the Norse raiders pick on soft targets in England?

Also the Norse weren't as obsessed with the afterlife as people think, as the settlers in England became farmers, not prowling the land looking for a good brawl where they may die in battle.
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