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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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I find it hilarious that we're supposed to consider STiD the most sexist movie ever made because of a two-second bikini scene, yet we should give TMP a pass for having a bald Indian supermodel prancing around for half the movie in a skimpy white robe, nylons and clear stripper heels because she had a scene where she talked to Christine Chapel.

Good luck with your 'cause'.
I just wanted to comment on this because it is largely hyperbole but it touches on a valid point.

Obviously nobody thinks STiD is particularly sexist, although it could do better. The underwear shot was gratuitous and therefore some view it as sexist. The reality is that sex sells and it was there as a blatant attempt to flash some skin even though it was irrelevant to the wider plot. Movie makers are going to do this because generally it works. The numbers don't lie.

I think some people have struggled to understand why I think have large numbers of wives, daughters, and prostitutes in GoT is preferable to having two professional women in STiD. Some setting, by their nature have a gender divide. That does not mean they are sexist and if they are, it may be legitimate. I don't mind if a franchise is sexist for a reason BUT I would still prefer to see a lot of women in the roles available to them. Whether the production is sexist will then depend on whether the entire focus is on the men or whether the women are developed as characters. Others, such as army movies, may have very few women at all.

The debate is whether STiD should be in a sexist setting. TOS was sexist and Enterprise stuck with the official gender divide for the sake of canon, although it was abandoned by TMP.

So the question is whether STiD should use the Butterfly Effect to wipe away the gender divide and use women more often in its supporting cast. I think it should and others are not bothered. It is a question of personal taste as to whether you are bothered but it touches on the known sexism in the industry because the gender divide has ben industry wide for a long time, with a few exceptions.

That seems to be it in a nutshell?
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