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Re: creepy encounters with cashiers

When I was a cashier what I did was since the cash register was at the front door, was to say "Hello" when a customer entered and "Goodbye" when they left. In between you treated them politely and answered any questions. As well as keep an eye so that they didn't shoplift. Which to be honest was mostly old ladies that tended to do. That and get away with bullshit like "This cup is chipped, so I only want to pay a third of the given price."

I'm in service job today as well, but I like it way better then being a cashier.

thestrangequark wrote: View Post
I occasionally get leering cashiers...I've definitely been leered at to the point that I became uncomfortable enough to leave the shop, but what I really hate is the guys who use the exchanging of money as a chance to do this nasty thing where they slowly slide their hand across mine. Combined with an overly sexual stare it makes for a really unpleasant encounter.
Okay, that's just giving me the creeps and making me nauseous at the same time

(oh hey, finally found a use for that little guy!)
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Young people these days are not trained in etiquette.
Dude, honestly: the biggest assholes I've met in my life are people in their middle age or older.

Are there assholes around my age? Fuck yeah there is. But some of the most mean, obnoxious, ruin your day kinda of people are 95% of the time are older people.

As I said earlier, I'm in a service job and I encounter customers pretty much every day. I'm polite as long as they are, if any problems surface I do my best solve it and assure them we will do our best to do so, and if they're feeling chatty you can at times stay for a bit of tea. Granted, the vast majority of our customers are very nice and delightful people. Even the ones around my age (the majority of our clients are elderly), while at times curt since they hire us for the job, not to chat away, are polite.

But some times you just meet that major asshole. The one you know is just going to argue about the bill no matter how quick and neatly you do the job. And you stay polite, you accommodate, and you make damned sure that any animosity is on their part. And then when they refuse to pay the bill you bring the full wrath of the IRS on them.

When that happens, I kid you fucking not, it's only people who are well of to very well off. Luckily for us, we can just choose not to do business with them again. We have more then enough work. And for the select few assholes (we've only done this for one ex customer thus far out of now 1000 separate clients), we spread the word amongst out fellow local service companies that "Don't do business with these assholes, they will bitch and they will stiff you on the bill".

Conclusion: you are of course entitled to your opinion. Mine is that assholes exist in all age groups. But the older ones are to me the most verbal ones.
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