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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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Babylon 5 is vastly superior to Star Trek.
No. It definitely isn't. Neither is any of the "Stargate" series.

There's just a helluva lot more Star Trek out there so it becomes more interesting to talk about. I don't really get how anyone who likes Star Trek can see Babylon 5 as "ick" though.
I have tried to get into B5 many, many times. Its characters are not appealing to me, its political episodes reminded me of the political episodes of DS9. Disliked them too.

The B5 sets were uninteresting and elements (esp. those damn distinctive window/grates) were borrowed from the same rental company as TNG. Londo's hair was an embarrassment and his species felt very "meh" to me. Delenn's alien makeup was bizarre. When she began to look more human, how did she train her long hair to grow through her bony cranial ridges?

I did like Walter Koenig's character, but I was already biased.
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