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Re: Microsoft planning complete reversal of DRM policy for Xbox One

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Well, since they have twice as many feet as they have mouths, the only remaining logical course of action is take the rest of the feet and break them off in their own asses for destroying this product and its brand with their stunning lack of leadership.
Oh, MS has leadership. However they clearly misjudged the reaction to their product.

They surely anticipated some negative reaction but it was almost unversally negative due to its absolute strict anti-consumer direction. MS apparently expected the backlash to last only a short time and then be forgotten as it usually worked like that in ages past.

However Sony made the most clever move in ages and positioned themselves as the anti-MS which put the final nail in the MS coffin (Sony has such a positive image now that the plans to charge people for their online service has received barely any criticism much less any outcry).

So MS has made a huge error in judgement.. they thought that all the new gizmos, bells and whistles would be distraction enough so the customers wouldn't mind being ripped off and dictated how they can use their products they bought.

So i watch the news with a huge grin on my face.. it's not often that customers turn the tables on huge companies and make them cry uncle
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