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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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Also, re: mouthing off in front of Geordi...GEORDI was the one who suggested Riker do an end run and talk to Picard! I'm glad that didn't pan out. I'd hate to have seen Picard remind Riker this isn't the time or place for running to daddy to solve your problems.
Yeah, but Geordi putting that out there isn't a bad judgement call for the position he is in. He's just trying to do whatever he can to get things to work out for his department. Suggesting to his superior that they find someone to reason with Jellico is not out of line in his position, being that he's kind of desperate. Riker actually thinking he should do it is pretty stupid, & it seems he figured that out before it came to that. Picard's got bigger problems, & it isn't for him to do anyway, & to his credit, Riker figured that out. My critisizm of Riker in that scene is about how he spoke derisively about the captain to a subordinate. It was just one offhand remark, but it sets a tone of bucking the chain of command, & so did looking to Picard when his new captain was questioning him

To be honest, despite their tension running a little high, I thought the rest of the crew accorded themselves within the boundaries of conduct. It's clear Geordi is unhappy, but he takes the captain's directives & criticisms properly. He holds his temper, acknowledges & executes every order, & only states facts, even though they may come off as excuses. He's within his right to defend himself a little there, & Jellico grants that. Changes to a long standing department will always be unpleasantly received.

Troi approaches him one time with her concerns & he addresses them in the way he sees fit & then she accepts it properly, and adheres to his guidelines. There's never any problem with Worf or Data. Beverly only gives her one comment, which is clear she's unhappy about but leaves it alone, & even Picard, after a few gentle comments steps aside gracefully

Frankly, Riker is really the only officer we see it get the better of, & I agree that by the time that the actual mission is underway with the Cardy negotiations, he has pulled himself together some, until the Picard issue came up
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