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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

Ganja Tea wrote: View Post
Haha to all you Heat haters. 305 baby. Suck it.
I love how "brave" fans such as yourself come busting into the thread talking shit after your team wins. Reminds me of Celtic fans.

Dorian Thompson wrote: View Post
This reminds me of what the haters used to do when the Lakers won. "Of course they won, look at all their talent". But when hater fan's team beat the Lakers it was, "that's cause all they have are Shaq and Kobe".
When did I ever say the Heat only have anybody?
I don't know what this sentence means.
I wasn't aware that saying the Heat were the more talented team was being delusional or laboring under impression of a myth. Battier, Allen, the big three....they are more talented than the Spurs. The Heat came up big with their backs against the wall. Came up in spectacular fashion. Yes, they're better. They're a great deal better. Not wilting under pressure is indicative of supreme talent and confidence.

I hate the Heat, but they are significantly better.
From a talent standpoint, no, they're not that much better than the Spurs. Talent-wise, LeBron has no equal in the league. But beyond him the Spurs are the more talented team.

Going into the series Manu and Wade cancelled each other out. Duncan is a better center than Bosh, as I wrote, and Parker is better than any point guard the Heat have. Gary Neal, Kawhi Leonard, and Danny Green trump Battier and Ray Allen. The Spurs are more talented (despite what you've heard on TNT and ESPN), but only to a slight degree.

Playing the, "Heat won because they were more talented" card does a disservice to the team's and coaching staff's effort and hard work. It is a backhanded compliment that as a Lakers fan, I've heard used against my team for many years.
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