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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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In cost accounting, there is the concept of the break-even. This is when cost and revenue are equal. (

So, for a movie like "Man of Steel", this is $225 million (production budget=gross profits). This film has reached the break-even stage.

For the film to be successful, it needs to make $450 million, which is twice the budget. This will cover the cost of marketing and distribution.

The formula for a film is,

Negative Cost=Development Cost+Pre-Production Cost+Production Cost+Post Production Cost

Negative Cost is known aka as "production budget". Man of Steel was $225 million.
Sooooo... a $5m movie needs to make $10m? A $60m movie needs to then make $120m? And a $250m movie needs to make $500m? Because marketing and distribution is that skewed?


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But,I don't see any reason to doubt the formula as to what studios consider a success...
Except that the formula doesn't have anything do do with reality.
And anyone who buys that malarkey is simply unhinged.

Worst. Accounting. EVER.
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