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"Sir, D'Amato" ???

I must have seen "That which survives 20 times, but last night I heard something bizarre I never noticed before.......

In the teaser, as Kirk & Sulu enter the transporter room, Kirk says a line to D'Amato as walks in and then ends his sentence, "......, Sir D'Amato."

WTF? What do you suppose the line was supposed to be?

In the spanish language track the line ends with, "....senor D'Amato."
I suppose they tried to make sense of the line by translating the eqivilant of "mister D'amato" but, clearly he didn't say that in the english version.

The french track has no translation for the word beofre D'Amato.

Anybody have a copy of the script?

At any rate give it a listen and take your guess what Shatner's line was supposed to be or perhaps the 23rd century knig of Italy had knighted D'Amato!
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