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Re: creepy encounters with cashiers

My Von's card is linked to an old roommate's name, so they have a woman's name on there, and they have a company policy to address me by that name, so they just throw a mister in front of the last name and hope I don't get mad. It's kind of funny. I never correct them or comment on it, which I assume is in line with what they prefer. Sometimes they might realize their mistake if they have to check my ID.

It's pretty obvious when a cashier just wants people to go away as fast as possible, so be prompt with what you want, prompt with your payment, say "please" and "thank you" without going over the top with it and you'll get out ok.

If you want to brighten their day, the best opportunity is when the customer in front of you is obnoxious and/or stupid. Go up and say "What's with that guy?" and then mock whatever it was they were doing. If you hate on the same customers they hate, the enemy of their enemy is their friend.
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