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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

Thanks for your informative replies, GSchnitzer. I had actually seen your Phase II forum post about the trombone mutes, and used the photos you provided to get the shape just right. Again, great research and info. I had wondered for years what those things were!

I'm working on a shader material right now that will add a blur effect to the corrugated glass. Unfortunately its not as easy as one would think, and requires a good bit of programming to get it to work, unlike the linear distortion which was easy. I think this, combined with the distortion effect, will yield a more accurate result.

I'm also gonna add spray bottles, etc to the cabinet once I model them. And it would seem incomplete without the Saurian Brandy. Gotta add that as well. "I said give me the brandy!"

Got the ward room layout fleshed out today. Can't wait to model those beds! Fun times for me ahead. Stay tuned for updates.
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