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Re: Size of starfleet?

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It's also been suggested in some sources, such as FASA, that not every planet within Federation space is an actual member represented in their government. Some planets are independent on a state/government level and others have an associate membership ...
In one TNG episode, a planet was requesting "associate membership" in the federation. So not all member species necessarily have the same level of participation with the federation, or within the federation structure.

Dictionaries define a associate member as being a member of a organization or club , but having only partial rights and privileges or an subordinate status.

Timo wrote: View Post
Does the creation of the Federation and Starfleet necessarily mean those individual miltaries go away?
The dialogue concerning the fate of the Bajoran militia would indeed seem to spell out that this necessarily happens.
The term used was absorbed (e.g. to accommodate or take in). So the dialog doesn't necessarily mean that the Bajorian militia (or any new Members military services) is dissolved and poured into the Federation's one big bucket. The Bajorian militia likely would have to makes some changes to be able to co-ordinate with Starfleet, and Starfleet might have to make some reciprocal changes to accommodate Bajor.

In one of the (non-canon) novels, a new Federation Member species couldn't see the displays aboard Starfleet vessels, they saw in (iirc) infra-red, longer wavelengths. So Starfleet change all their displays to accommodate them.

But outside FASA, there's no suggestion that Andor would maintain a separate Blue Fleet ...
But in a resent series of novels when Andor decided to leave the Federation and join a different organization, didn't the Andorians retain their portion of the fleet? They took their toys and when home.

... and any evidence of a separate Vulcan force is ambiguous at best.
But there is a reference to a " Vulcan defense vessels."

And there is the matter of Betazed's own defenses, which are referred to as being basically "shitty." Now if Federation Members have no individual forces, and all are protected by a single defensive organization, why are Betazed's defenses different that those of others?

Why aren't Betazed defenses "average?"

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