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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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Haha! I just Googled and now realise that "Defiance" is a new SF TV series starring Aussie actor Grant Bowler. I saw his pic on posters all over Glasgow and Edinburgh when I was there in April. I assumed it was an ad for a new video game?
It's both, actually. Some kind of experiment they're running by having the video game run in parallel to the TV show like a multimedia MMORPG. I've been keeping silent on it so far because I think the video game sucks and the show sucks even harder but it's acquired a surprisingly large following in a short time; the last time this happened was Stargate SG-1, and I am in no mood right now to be drawn into another lengthy rhetorical battle with people who don't know the difference between science fiction and war porn with soap opera subplots (e.g. Stargate Atlantis).

I've forced myself through three episodes of Defiant so far; I'm done. Been burned one too many times by one too many overzealous recommendations to watch any more. Could be that I'm jaded, or it could be that I'm cynical, but by the midpoint of a Defiance episode I feel as if I'm pretending to be stupider than I am just to keep from changing the channel.
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