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the 27 drug and antidote episodes

The 27 drug and antidote episodes

Mudd's Women -- Venus Drug
The Naked Time -- McCoy's unnamed serum counteracts space madness
Miri -- vaccine for "Onlies" virus
Space Seed --- Anethesia gas
The Apple -- Massaform D
This Side of Paradise -- the Spores
The City on the Edge of Forever -- cordrazine
Obsession -- cordrazine
Amok Time -- McCoy's "neural paralyzer", (triox compound mentioned but not actually used)
Wolf in the Fold -- McCoy tranquilizes the entire crew with a sedative
The Deadly Years -- adrenaline antidote
Journey to Babel -- chemical stimulant to speed up blood reproduction, "slow poison" suicide drug; Benjisidrine (Sarek's heart medication)
A Private Little War -- Mahko Root
The Immunity Syndrome -- McCoy administers stimulants to the entire crew on an ongoing basis
By Any Other Name -- formazine, stokeline
Return to Tomorrow -- Metabolic reduction injection
Patterns of Force -- Unnamed drug used to sedate John Gill; McCoy and Kirk awaken John Gill with stimulants
Spectre of the Gun -- Spock's gas grenade is ineffective
Elaan of Troyius -- Elasian tears
The Tholian Web -- Tharagan derivative
Plato's Stepchildren -- kironide
Wink of an Eye -- Scalosian water and its antidote
Whom Gods Destroy -- unnamed mental illness drug
Mark of Gideon -- antidote to Vegan-choriomeningitis
Tholian Web -- triox compound
The Cloudminders -- zienite gas
Requiem for Methuselah -- ryetalyn

(McCoy's miscellaneous use of hypo for knockout, sedative, anesthetic, or antibiotic not included, except in the case of Amok Time. Sorry, Empath is not included on the list). Diseases belong on another list.

The only drugs mentioned twice throughout the series are cordrazine and triox compound.

McCoy was directly involved in all but 4 of these drug or antidote occurrences. Journey to Babel is the drug and antidote champion with 3 substances mentioned.

~ Mr Atoz
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