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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

Having read the book and watched the movie, I still wish the movie could have been more faithful to the book. It is sad that chapters like the battle of Yonkers, the French fighting the undead in the tunnels of Paris and the Indians blowing up the the last road to their redoubt to cut of the undead from the living and of course my favorite, the japanese otaku escaping from his high rise apartment by climbing down the balcony and encountering the undead along the way, are not in the movie.

But to be fair to Brad Pitt, he did a fairly good job. The Korean and Israelis acts were pretty good. I actually liked the last act which is not in the book.

The book is more suitable for a TV series. Each chapter in the book could have been made into an episode because of the different POV of each chapter.
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