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Re: Was there a TMP Enterprise outrage ?

to answer the original post..Back in '79, as a member of the Sacramento Star Trek Association for Revival I noticed some members (a very vocal small minority of members) HATED just about everything with the movie including the refitted ship, the Klingons, the new uniforms complaining that it wasn't Star Trek anymore. I remember one saying "Damn Gene Roddenberry for ruining Star Trek" . So fandamentalists have been around as long as Star Trek (some out there only consider the first season of TOS [pre Gene Coon] to be "True Star Trek"). I remember the controversy over "militarizing Star Trek" after WOK's release. I also remember the great 1987 Original Series Fandamentalist revolt (as I now call it) against TNG.. and much the same antics were repeated by another very vocal minority..

It always happens, and will repeat itself over and over as long as Star Trek series and films keep getting made...

BTW, I took a strong dislike for the sleepwear "uniforms" of TMP but loved everything else.. And the Neo-Enterprise still hasn't grown on me but it did get a refit after "Into Darkness" so I can always hope...
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