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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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The game's entire storyline so far is about a man who was trying to reverse the terraforming. I doubt the show would use the exact same plot for Nicollete.
This isn't speculation. She's had dialogue to the effect that that's her goal.

And the whole point of doing this in two different mediums is that most people who watch the show won't play the game, and vice-versa. So it's not redundant to do parallel plots.

Its not as contrived as you think. Nolan and Irisa stole something very valuable from a Voltan "mafia boss" named Varis in San Francisco and fled into the wilds. A week later, they stumbled upon Defiance in the show's pilot.

If you think that's bad, Doc asked a friend in the Bay area for help developing a cure for the plague in last week's episode. And it was the players in the game who sent the cure to Defiance via an ICBM for Nolan and that e-rep guy to retrieve.
Yes, I'm aware of all of that, and it doesn't make it any less contrived. Between those, Rynn heading to the game setting after leaving the show, and the thing about the mercenaries, that's at least four completely unrelated story threads that connect Defiance to San Francisco. This is my whole point. Realistically, those unrelated threads would probably connect to several different cities. The more often there are random links between the same two cities, the more it strains credibility.
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