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Re: 12th Doctor Changes - Predictions

Well yeah I was expecting at LEAST one more series - if not a 10th Doctor like "movie" set if they didn't want to do a whole 12 episodes - just a few basically 2 part episodes they do as one offs.

I mean they did give him a new TARDIS control room, a new companion and even some new-ish supporting cast with Lady Sherlock (I know its not her name but that's what I call her!) Jenny and Strax. Given that we saw them in 3 out of the 12 episodes of this season I'd say that they were key supporting cast.

I would just hate for the new guy to have to mimic too much of 11's mannerisms and wardrobe and such just because writers may have written those stories for 11 not 12. I do hope we've seen the end of the Doctor telling people to Shut Up. Once in a while... okay. But he says it like once an episode. And the whole 'I wear this now, this is cool' thing... and not really getting what 'cool' is. I'd love to hear 12 go

"I wear leather again, leather is... functional."
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