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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

Donny wrote: View Post
Tweaked the distortion of the glass panel so it was a little more drastic.

Hey, GSchnitzer, I'm having trouble lighting this cabinet and think I could do it better. Do you have any idea on how they lit it during the show, or how the Phase II lighting crew lights it? I don't see any visible lights inside the cabinet. Perhaps they lit it from behind? Or there were lights inside the cabinet on the side we never see?
So, the corrugated glass is on both sides of this only-as thick-as-the-depth-of-the-wall cabinet. Only the side on the INT. SICK BAY EXAMINATION ROOM slides open--hence the small "open the sliding glass" push button on the wall in the INT. SICK BAY EXAMINATION ROOM, and none over on the INT. SICK BAY WARD ROOM side. The corrugation runs up and down--except for in "Where No Man Has Gone Before," when it ran left to right:

You can see that for this second pilot episode, the cabinet was lit from behind with bluish gel--but this was an exception to what would generally become the rule; it was normally lit from behind with an orange-ish gel.

The light is simply light shining from a C-stand and covered with the appropriate-colored gels. The are no interior lights in the cabinet--just light from behind, which makes things in the cabinet somewhat silhouetted.

Although they almost always used orange gels, they did switch it a couple of times. It was bluish in the aforementioned "Where No Man Has Gone Before." But it "The Man Trap," they used that same bluish motif when the set had to be re-dressed into the INT. BOTANY LAB set. (They had to do something to make it look like a different room.)

They used the blue motif again when the INT. SICK BAY EXAMINATION ROOM set was used as an operating room in "Operation: Annihilate:"

And it was given that blue motif again when it became Sick Bay for a different Starship (the U.S.S. Defiant) in "The Tholian Web:"

It looks like you are using the "Mudd's Women layout for all the bottles and stuff in the cabinet:

If I were decorating your set, I think I would use a layout more akin to the layout from "The Enemy Within." It's one of just two episodes where we actually saw the cabinet opened to get stuff out of it. It also would permit populating it with two Saurian Brandy bottles way over on the bottom left--and a couple of the little blue pyramid brandy glasses. If you go that route, since the bottles won't fit on the bottom shelf (they are too tall), you would need to have the glass shelf that the bottles would otherwise bump into extend only part way across the cabinet, resting on a gold/orange-ish cylindrical thing. The shelves themselves are glass (if that impacts how you would render the shelves.) Also, I think I would put some of the ubiquitous trigger sprayers in the cabinet, too, to work in some color.)

Lastly, I think I would put in even a tiny bit more distortion from the corrugated glass.
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