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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

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With a 55 million dollar opening weekend it's a given fact that World War Z will not earn a profit for Paramount on its first-run domestic release, but it's not a John Carter style catastrophe either.
Just about any major US film with a modicum of ambition's going to earn less here than a more commercial competitor. (L.A CONFIDENTIAL vs. TITANIC, just to name one example.) It also could be why STID's ''shades of grey'' made slightly less than its 2009 predecessor. Sometimes, such as in THE DEPARTED, you get depth AND good grosses.

But I'd rather see a great American film stay great than sell out for higher grosses. WORLD WAR Z holds up well for not churning out the standard monthly zombie tactics. Its ending is also commendably different, even though it's meant to set up a sequel. If the film's outstanding, there's no shame in undergrossing in America. Let's hope GROWN-UPS 2 will...but I doubt it.
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