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Re: Smallville’s Sears, Kensington’s Wal-Mart

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Ahh, I see. Then I guess they sound similar in how they did it. Did they also mention the name of the car?

Oh, here it is. Found the clip in question:
Yikes. Okay, that's pretty darn bad.

I can't find a clip of the House episode, but I don't think it was quite that bad. Not nearly. Just some car commercial-like shots of the car and the name badge on it (I think it was the Focus too) there may have been some lip service to the Sync system on it. But, wow, that Being Erica clip is.... WOW.

Yeah, when that first aired, it took me out of the moment, which is exactly what you don't want in a TV show. Felt more like the characters were trying to sell a product rather than telling a story, and that's where I felt it crossed the line. Pretty shameful.
Again, sort of going back to the earliest days of television when news hosts or TV characters literally WOULD stop the story and show to pitch and product.

The House thing was just silly but it wasn't completely pulling you out of the show it was just shot like a commercial for a moment and maybe a line or two on the features of the car which, yeah, maybe can be waved away along the lines of someone just expressing the neat features of it, or something. Whatever. But when you're actually writing a scene SPECIFICALLY around selling something it changes the game. That Being Erica scene served no other point than to show off the car. The conversation she's having with [forget her name] wasn't too important and could have been covered in a plain driving scene, a walk-and-talk or them sitting at a cafe. But, no, we need a scene built around showing off the Sync system of the car and the auto-park feature. And who the hell asked the guy or gave him permission to Sync Erica's phone to the damn car anyway and how did he do that without having her phone in the first place?!

Anyway, I got my S3 and S4 DVD of the show recently and need to watch through them. (I was watching S3 on TV but got side-tracked and the "group therapy" sessions weren't interesting me too much.)
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