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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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It's a bit of a mix of themes from Firefly and Babylon 5, although it's early days to say where it might go if it's popular enough to continue.
"Babylon 5". Ick.
Babylon 5 is vastly superior to Star Trek. There's just a helluva lot more Star Trek out there so it becomes more interesting to talk about. I don't really get how anyone who likes Star Trek can see Babylon 5 as "ick" though.

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Carol isn't a girlfriend, yet.
But we all know that's why this character is here. JJ could have used anyone or no one from the Prime universe and he picked the mother of Kirk's son.
B5 is poorly written and over half the cast are mediocre to poor actors. JMS needed a script doctor and better casting directors.

Yeah, but they didn't drop that "bomb" right away. Points for restraint.
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