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Re: One particular SPOILER from The Name of the Doctor

And the Time and the Rani reference is one we can take as definite: the situation is that the Doctor is able to guess the pin-code for a locked door, because he guesses the Rani will have used her age, and they're the same age, so... and it opens the door, so he's either right, or very very lucky.
This obviously opens up lots of stuff, like apparently confirming Gallifreyan Mean Time (that there's some link in TARDISes which mean Time Lords meet in sync: if it's been 10 days for one of them it'll be 10 days for the other one as well, so the Doctor and the Rani are always the same age), and whether that's Gallifreyan years or not (but either way, the Doctor and the Rani are using the same ones, so it surely must be Gallifreyan?), and quite when the Doctor worked out how old he actually was, having lost count during Tom Baker's time (at least according to Romana).
But.. the Time and the Rani scene only works if the Rani and the Doctor are both genuinely 953 at that point, so they are 953 [wherever] years old in that episode, and any statement that contradicts that is wrong, or has to be finessed out of the way, like using a different year.
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