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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for the Alpha Centauri system. Some of the very first interstellar colonists from Earth settled there after the invention of warp drive. Zefram Cochrane became one of them.
B is for Balock. Commander of the Fesarious. Which internally seems to be composed of big flowing curtains.
C is for Constable Odo.
D is for Daniels. He needs to come back and fix these last two movies. The timeline must repair itself.
E is for Earl Grey Tea. Captain Picard's caffeine fix.
F is for Farpoint.
G is for Garak's tailor shop. Not very big, but well-stocked and colorful.
H is for the Husnock. A species fifty billion strong. Wiped out in a blink of an eye.
I is for the Ilari. They were ruled by a dictatorial Autarch.
J is for Janus VI. Planet where Federation Pergium Miners killed a bunch of Horta babies.
K is for Kang, legendary warrior and the commander of a Klingon warship from the 2260s until at least 2293.
L is for Ligonian death match.
M is for the Metrons.
We lived through another's a good excuse to celebrate.

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