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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

Phillies Club President says he is happy when his General Manager makes correct decisions only 30% of the time

"God knows we're all trying to bat 1.000 on decision making," Montgomery told the Inquirer. "The reality is, I think we do better than the .300 standard in baseball."

While the world championship and the five NL East titles have ushered in a new generation of fans to Citizens Bank Park, plenty of people in this city still remember when .300 seemed like the benchmark upon which everybody in the organization was judged. They remember when Veterans Stadium was filled to better than 30 percent capacity. They remember when the Phillies routinely won better than 30 percent of their games. They remember when Brett Myers avoided a domestic violence arrest on better than 30 percent of his road trips. Back then, nobody would have been surprised to read that .300 was the standard by which the Phillies measured themselves.
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