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Re: Genesis Question

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Makes sense, but yes, it casts Saavik in an unflattering light... All possible timetables for the project would have involved the risk of, if not the Khan incident, then at least the Kruge one.
I don't know. David says, "If I hadn't, it might have been years, or never." If he doesn't use the proto-matter, there's no telling how long it would have taken to finish the project. Part of the problem is that it's never made clear exactly what role the proto-matter played in the Genesis matrix. Was it merely necessary for terraforming to happen on a large scale, or would terraforming not have been possible at all without its inclusion? Perhaps a Genesis device without proto-matter only transforms an area the size of a football field. Such a device would still be quite valuable and useful but would not carry the implications as a weapon that a large-scale device would.

In any case, if David waits until a more workable plan is available, it's possible the project is treated with greater care, and the mistakes of original incident are avoided. If nothing else, a project delayed by several years may have averted the problems presented by Klingon involvement. Ironically, the device could have been used to repair the damage to Praxis and perhaps save the Klingon Empire from the loss of Qo'nos.

Timo wrote:
Perhaps Saavik was upset that David had done a double fault in failing to make Genesis work as a terraforming tool and succeeding in making Genesis work as a weapon? That would be a more direct and justifiable accusation: without the protomatter input, there would be no Genesis Weapon for real.
Her comment about the planet not being what he intended or hoped for suggests this.

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