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Re: Genesis Question

Makes sense, but yes, it casts Saavik in an unflattering light... All possible timetables for the project would have involved the risk of, if not the Khan incident, then at least the Kruge one.

Perhaps Saavik was upset that David had done a double fault in failing to make Genesis work as a terraforming tool and succeeding in making Genesis work as a weapon? That would be a more direct and justifiable accusation: without the protomatter input, there would be no Genesis Weapon for real. Folks like Kruge would still fear Genesis and might murder for it, but Genesis couldn't kill planets for real. And that would be only due to David's evil genius of combining protomatter (which alone isn't evil enough a weapon) with a system that properly weaponizes the stuff.

The existence of a working protomatter weapon would still not be the root cause of the bulk of the deaths, though. It would be an evil thing that could be blamed on David and his lack of standards, but Saavik would still be missing her mark. Which is quite annoying: the last person we want to see making wild, passionate accusations is the one Vulcan guest star. Even Spock would be a better choice there...

Timo Saloniemi
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