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Re: creepy encounters with cashiers

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Young people these days are not trained in etiquette.

It is impolite to address an elder by their first name unless they say it's ok. Doubly so for a customer. If they introduce themselves to you by first name it's good. If I introduce myself as "Mr. Zoid," then it's disrespectful to address me by anything else.

Restaurants are particularly bad. My skin crawls when a server refers to my wife and me as "you guys." On top of that, the wait staff will invariably interrupt conversation at the table.

The polite thing to do is to stand quietly and wait for a break. My tip subtractor goes into high gear when a server interrupts my wife and me in the middle of a conversation.

I have worked in many service jobs and I understand how it works. If someone wants my respect (and my money) they have to show me that they understand how it works, too.
Were the kids on your lawn especially noisy this morning?

Did I not tip you enough the last time you waited on my wife and me?

You think that implying that someone is a server is an insult? You must be real classy!

It's just that you sound very much like the broken record that's been playing for the past three thousand years or so about how horrible kids are these days.

Maybe the kids are fine, and you're just a grouch.

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