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Re: Size of starfleet?

that could be a result of Starfleet wanting to honor the loss of that ship and its crew for awhile before launching her successor
Or then Starfleet thought that the name Enterprise was jinxed, as the E-nil, E-A and E-C had all supposedly gone before their time, and the E-B may very well have suffered a similarly embarrassing or horrifying fate...
If that was the case, then Starfleet probably would have stopped using the Enterprise name altogether.

But I think for all intents and purposes, the Enterprise-C was the only starship with the name to be lost with all hands aboard and the sacrifice did have a profound impact on Federation-Klingon relations.
Starfleet knowing back in the 2340s that the Galaxy class was coming? Doesn't match the TNG Tech Manual ideas or anything in canon.
Actually, it does match the TNG Tech Manual, which established the Galaxy-class Project first entered its initial conceptual stage in 2343. As far as anything in canon, it doesn't contradict anything either, but it does nicely explain why there was a gap of twenty years between the two ships.
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