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Re: Genesis Question

I heartily second the latter... I'm still hanging around cross-eyed to see the answer to Sran's puzzling comment, though.

Warm if wary handshakes all around for now, and sorry for the tense atmosphere. I must admit I find it difficult to accommodate people's expectations on the nuances of responses (see post #31 here), but this time around it was doubly difficult: on one hand, I had to ridicule the idea that Carol Marcus would be a rabid soldier-hater, on the other, I had to fend off the idea that this would be related to me playing the role of soldier-hater (specifically Kirk-hater) in that other thread. I think I failed miserably in the latter.

EDIT: Whoops, seems I got the second reply already... Response in next post.

Timo Saloniemi
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