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Re: creepy encounters with cashiers

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So knowing all that, unless a cashier is really a horrendous douchebag, I go out of my way to try and be as nice to them as possible and to make things easier for them: bagging things myself if need be, making sure my method of payment is ready to go before I get to the checkout, being polite and responding to their questions/comments, organizing my stuff by category so it's easier to bag, etc.
I'm not great at all those things, like organizing my items and such, but I do always try to be nice too. I won't bug them if they seem super busy but otherwise I do try to make a little conversation by at least asking them how they are doing, things like that. I hate the lines but at least I get to walk out of the store after they are done ringing me up. They're stuck there. The other day this guy was missing some game that he wanted to watch so I checked the score for him.

I haven't gotten too many creeps. Sometimes they'll hit on me but usually it's not too bad. I've had multiple creepy and unpleasant encounters related to grocery stores, but it's almost always been a customer, not someone who works there.
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