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Re: 12th Doctor Changes - Predictions

I dunno about the Sonic looking like it went more with the 'junkyard' theme TARDIS, although I could see its next iteration being maybe a bit more silver. I do like the gold but the extending claws are sort of... I dunno I mean, it's supposed to signify that its doing something 'special' but I wouldn't mind it being more silver and white again - maybe like a mesh of the 10th and 11th's screwdrivers. Although I dunno if the next Doctor will use it less, but I'd like to see it have more 'control' surfaces on it though. I mean, both 10 and 11 have turned it on the side and looked at it and rattled off readings or settings or something and clearly when you look at the toys and even the screen prop, there's nothing really there - unless they're saying it's more of a quasi telepathic connection.

I think 11 was far more telepathic than 10 - both with is connection to his tech and with other people. I don't recall any of the previous Doctors doing like the 'head smack' memory transfer thing.

I kinda wouldn't mind seeing more of that, maybe him actually using other 'Time Lord abilities' would be neat - after all, he IS an alien from a highly advanced race and incredibly intelligent. So maybe character-wise I wouldn't mind seeing someone a bit older - since it seems like they were writing Smith as if he was a much older actor - so maybe 40s - is there like a British Robert Downey Jr. type? LOL - someone charismatic and quirky yet still mature when he needs to be.

I'm taking a wild stab here at the new Doctor's 'look' I'm thinking maybe a return to a more casual daily wardrobe - not quite as casual as 9, but I'm thinking maybe an oxford, vest, chino slacks and a duster jacket - I do like the look of the long coat that 10 and 11 have been wearing - looks cool when they run.
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