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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

^^ Yes, I was thinking the same. This would definitely add meaning to such a transporter, IMHO. However its location would seem most suited in the engineering hull, next to the cargo containers.

What I like about Albertese's approach is that in real life, i.e. for the TOS production, they probably would have tried to incorporate parts of he studio set transporter platform, but for a convincing presentation that would have most likely required the construction of a whole new set. One that takes up studio space and could have probably only be used for a few - if any - episodes.

Considering how the walls of the 2 pad personnel transporters looked, I wouldn't be surprised had they recycled this background wall for such a transporter.



Please disregard my question from post 251. The issue whether the chapel should be on Deck 7 or 8 has just been settled by the limited width of Deck 8 (should have noticed this earlier)
And I think I can explain what the room was Chekov and Irina were seeking some privacy in "The Way to Eden". Quite some nice symbolism happening in this scene and room, which I will outline once the Deck 7 illustration is done.
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