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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

Been a week or two since I saw this at the movie theater.
So I had a while to think about the movie and gave the movie a C rating.

My problems for the movie where I didn't really feel it was a Superman movie. You could of slapped any superhero into that role and it would of worked. Honestly best part of the movie was the beginning on Krypton and honestly would of preferred the whole movie being about Krypton and Jor-El whom I thought was the best actor in the movie. Just that whole story was sooo much better than the part on earth.

Plus I didn't feel anything for Superman or Lois for that matter. I was more attached to Jor-El and his wife and wanted to see more of them.

Plus the line "Knell before Zod' wasn't in the movie which kind of ruined it for me. (if its in there then I missed it)

PLus you could of understood where Zod was coming from with him wanting to bring back his race. Though why couldn't he of done that on Mars or some other planet, I just don't know.

Sure Superman would of been more than happy to bring his people back on some other planet.

Also how convenient was it for Lois to just happen to be there in that mall at the end where Superman had to Kill Zod?

Really how did she get there anyway?

Plus side was the fights were great and loved seeing the city get destroyed. Lois was cute and I didn't mind her.
But again nothing in this movie felt like a superman movie.
That awkward moment when your killed by you wife, in front of your wife, who then precedes to kill your wife, while your best friend is off to the side pregnant with your wife. Doctor Who!
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