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Seriously, do they have sandwiches in the future?

(I just saw a clip of Picard and Wesley eating sandwiches in that episode they are in a shuttlecraft. Then I remebered Scotty's famous line from ST09)

Do they have sandwiches in the future?

And cheese, and sausages, among other things?
Sandwiches were invented so people could eat outside and hold the moist, oily food between pieces of bread (itself an invention to conserve grain from spoiling)

Cheese was invented before refrigerators existed so to preserve milk. Sausages and salted, dried, smoked, jerked meats too, for the same reasons.

In the 1960s (and until today) the astrounauts' food was even more enginnered because of the necessities of storing and consuming in zero-gee etc.

But in Star Trek they have replicators! They can replicate fresh fruit and raw meat and grains and all kind of perishables like poof!-- fresh, no need for the food to be subjected to prehistoric techniques of preparation and storing.

In TOS Kirk is seen to eat small colored cubes. Is it possible THAT properly represents the food of the future, replicated nutrition from pure energy, unrestricted by storage and conservation requirements?

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