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Re: Genesis Question

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Or, for all we know, David was the brains behind the outfit, and Carol was the established researcher whose name brought the credibility and the funding.
I like this idea. There's even dialogue in TWOK that suggests it when David comments that his mother will be remembered with Newton, Einstein, and Surak. Carol says, "That's a lot, and no respect for my offspring."

Timo wrote:
Carol or David didn't kill anybody. Khan killed a lot of people, and Kirk then killed some more, but that's got nothing to do with the Marcuses or their scientific work.
You need to get off this Kirk-is-a-murderer jag. The only people he killed were Klingons who violated Federation space, destroyed a Starfleet vessel, and killed a Federation scientist while holding two Starfleet officers hostage. Kirk did what he had to do to keep his crew alive and prevent Enterprise from being captured by the Klingons. There is no comparison between what Khan did and what he did.

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