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Re: Is TAS worth watching in my complete Star Trek marathon?

^Definitely Filmation had improved its work by that point in a lot of its shows, not just that one. They'd gone from using the same stock poses over and over to using the same stock rotoscoped movements over and over, redrawn for different characters, but the movement sequences were often very well-animated. And particularly toward the end of their tenure, they were moving away from limited animation to fuller animation. You mention Filmation's Ghostbusters, but the more impressive one from around the same time is BraveStarr, which occasionally incorporated some fully animated sequences alongside the more conventional limited animation. (Also, as with Filmation's Flash Gordon, BraveStarr began with a fully-animated movie, so the series benefitted from using stock sequences and cels made for the movie.)

And Larry Storch and Forrest Tucker were in the original, live-action The Ghost Busters from the '70s. Filmation's Ghostbusters was about the sons of their characters, and the original characters did appear on a recurring basis, but they were played by Pat Fraley and Peter Cullen (who also played their sons) rather than Storch and Tucker.
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