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Re: Smallville’s Sears, Kensington’s Wal-Mart

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Buying a brand-name burger on his way to the press conference at the end of Iron Man is just about the best thing Tony Stark does in that movie.
Eh, that one is bad. Tony Stark the billionaire playboy wants an "American cheeseburger" as one of the first things he gets when he gets back from (months?) in captivity in the Middle East. I guess at some point he decided he didn't need a real American cheeseburger and decided just to get drive-thru on the way to press conference instead.

I don't mind product placement when it's done well enough to feel natural. The kind I do have a problem with is when it becomes part of the plot, like say, an episode of a TV show written around it, characters interacting with it and even speaking its name out loud. Like for instance, one TV show had the character shopping for a new car and was all excited about the self-parking Ford Focus, mentioning all of the features they had on the car and showing the character engage the self-park.
I want to say that was an episode of the final season of "House", at least I remember an episode where a Focus was shown rather prominently including a commercial-like shot of the rear quarter of the car showing the Ford oval and name badge on the car's trunk deck.

Heh, nope, though maybe it was since I haven't watched it, but I was thinking of Being Erica. Those were the two moments that really stood out for me, in a bad way, and struck me as rather desperate, and particularly because it had never done product placement as bluntly. Came off feeling like we were watching a commercial, not a TV show. I know you've watched the series, so that's what you were probably thinking of. It was in the 4th and last season.
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