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Re: What is the largest Enterprise?

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That ship did actually make it into Trek - it showed up as a big shape looming the background when the Enterprise comes into spacedock (and sees the Excelsior) in STIII. One ofthe other PoTT study models is in the Qualor II junkyard in "Unification"
Yes! It's visible as the Enterprise comes to stop inside spacedock and the camera gradually pans over to show the Excelsior nearby. The far left of the picture shows a ship moored on the other side of the dock.

I think that study model might have influenced Vonda's concept about the TMP era Magellanic cloud class USS Galaxy.

In ST III it looks smaller than Excelsior. We saw the other thinner study model in TNG.

But Ken Adam's drawings were something else again. McQuarries were smoother and more organic. Drax's spacestation and Proberts station in TMP have some of the same looks.
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