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Re: Recommend to me some old TV shows

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And if you like Rockford, try Magnum P.I. for many of the same reasons - quirky humor, great recurring cast.
Agreed. And of course Tom Selleck has said he was heavily influenced by The Rockford Files and James Garner during his two very funny guest appearances, and I think it shows.

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You say you haven't seen Hill St. See it.
Also agreed, but that's tougher. Only the first two season made it to DVD; the first three are available on Hulu but not Netflix Instant. Seasons 3 and 4 are really the classic heart of the show, I would say, but the fifth was really good too (and upped the opening credits starring cast to 17!). The show slipped a little in the last two seasons, but was still one of the best things ever on TV.

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