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Re: 12th Doctor Changes - Predictions

Okay, a full list of predictions:
*An older actor: 30s-40s
*Moffat will last one more series
*After Moffat leaves, a new sonic screwdriver will be made. It doesn't even go with the current console anyway, it went with the junkyard TARDIS.
*Clara will stay until either the end of series 8 or the beginning of series 9.
*After Moffats departure, in some point in the twelfth doctors era the TARDIS exterior and interior will change once again.
*After Moffats departure, sometime in the twelfth doctors era a new title sequence, theme, and logo will be used.
*Does Moffat have something against the Master, because we've never seen him since RTDs time. Chances are we'll never see him in Smiths time now, and possibly not the twelfth doctors first series, but soon in the twelfth doctors time, the master will return!
*A more sensible Dalek design after Moffats departure. Maybe we can just revert back to the RTD daleks at last.
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